The solitary life is essentially hidden; there is no badge or habit, no special title, nothing to suggest a corporate identity.  The Fellowship has none - it is not a community or a society, just a fellowship of people each pursuing his or her own path but banded together for support and encouragement.  Our witness is the way we live, and is thus a prophetic sign in its solitude, simple unobtrusiveness and silence.  The medieval anchoress had one window into the church, but another looking out on to the world, which she could close with a curtain when "not at home", but at which people could consult her.  We find this too - God sends  people to us and we must welcome them in God's name.

Because the life is solitary, it is personal to each; no two follow the same path.  For that reason the Fellowship has no rule of life; it is most unlikely that it ever will.  How we can pray best is for each to discover for her- or himself.  All that is asked of members is that they pray for each other, and for all others living the solitary life, and that they pay the modest subscription that enables the Newsletter, issued three times a year, to be produced and distributed.  Members are encouraged to contribute items to the Newsletter so that we may profit by sharing each other's experience of the solitary life. 



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